januar 2013

As promised..

Here is the first part of the fanfic! I call it Liverpool Rain. I listened to a dutch band which song has this name. Racoon is one of my favorite bands! :) Anyway, it's the prologue. Please, PLEAS...

Favorite of January.

Justin Biebah, he really do care about his fans. He's sweet and lovely and.. Oh come on, we can all agree this Canedian boy is just hot. :)

Soooo sorry!

I didn't posted for a while, and I didn't have the excuse to go to a beautiful place like Hind did. I was sooo busy as well. Trying to find a job and education here in Holland, it's really hard! I ...


18, Troms

Hello guys! This blog, owned by 2 girls, is about everything! Its about stars, like JB, 1D and TH. I do post about Fashion pics too. Videos about make-up and outfits, favorites of the month and more! Enjoy!