As promised..

Here is the first part of the fanfic! I call it Liverpool Rain. I listened to a dutch band which song has this name. Racoon is one of my favorite bands! :)

Anyway, it's the prologue. Please, PLEASE, tell me what do you think! :) x

The boy sighed as he looked up to the man who told him to ruin his life. Again. Another girl set up by the management of the band he was in. ??I know you are sad, but she is actually willing to do this for a year?? The man said, but he wasn?t sure the curly haired boy before him was as enthusiastic as he was. ??Of course she is! She gets paid big time. But you make me unhappy, have you ever thought about that??? Harry sighed, but the man only gave him a supporting hand on the shoulders. ??She?s fine, you?ll get comfortable with her?? He said, and with that he was gone. Harry didn?t knew who she was, but he would meet her really soon. Her photo was promising, but all of this wouldn?t matter if she was a real bitch. Harry didn?t wanted to know her, but he had to. He had to pretend he loved her, for a year long. It were going to be 365 long days, he just hoped time was destined to run fast these days.

Harry wasn?t the same as he used to be and it got Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn worried. He was down, sad and never wanted to do anything but singing. He wrote songs, but they were dark. They got scared that the fame ruined the 18-year old, that he would be on drugs or alcohol. Or worse, commit suicide. Modest! Management not only ruined the green eyed boy, but also the friendship between the boys. They were still close, but it could never be as before. Louis was busy with his girlfriend, so were Liam and Zayn. Niall still had his food, but he gamed a lot. It was all he did, 24/7 he was staring at his television screen while he did the game as it supposed to be. He never wrote songs anymore, and however management did their best with girls cheering him up, it never worked. He missed Ireland more then anything.

Her story was more successful. Lily was a successful model, she had the body of a goddess, but still was unsecure about everything. She wasn?t so glad with the set-up with Harry Styles either, as he was a nice looking guy. But what if he was an asshole? What if he didn?t liked her?

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