Soooo sorry!

I didn't posted for a while, and I didn't have the excuse to go to a beautiful place like Hind did. I was sooo busy as well. Trying to find a job and education here in Holland, it's really hard! I have a year off from everything to get rest in my head. NO, I'm not delusional or something. I'm not a psycho who kills persons either, haha. So as something to make good, I'll write a fanfic right here.

So basically it's about an One Direction member (I don't know about who yet) has to be in a relationships cause their management tell them to do. So he get into a ''relationship'' with the girl, which name is also undecided, and soon they become friends. As it is for boys and girls hard to be in a friendship without feelings, you can tell one of the two fall in love with each other. But then, the ''relationship'' must be over, because the deal was only a year to be with each other.

So is it a bit good? Just comment! :)

Sorry again! x

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