As promised..

Here is the first part of the fanfic! I call it Liverpool Rain. I listened to a dutch band which song has this name. Racoon is one of my favorite bands! :)

Anyway, it's the prologue. Please, PLEASE, tell me what do you think! :) x

The boy sighed as he looked up to the man who told him to ruin his life. Again. Another girl set up by the management of the band he was in. ??I know you are sad, but she is actually willing to do this for a year?? The man said, but he wasn?t sure the curly haired boy before him was as enthusiastic as he was. ??Of course she is! She gets paid big time. But you make me unhappy, have you ever thought about that??? Harry sighed, but the man only gave him a supporting hand on the shoulders. ??She?s fine, you?ll get comfortable with her?? He said, and with that he was gone. Harry didn?t knew who she was, but he would meet her really soon. Her photo was promising, but all of this wouldn?t matter if she was a real bitch. Harry didn?t wanted to know her, but he had to. He had to pretend he loved her, for a year long. It were going to be 365 long days, he just hoped time was destined to run fast these days.

Harry wasn?t the same as he used to be and it got Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn worried. He was down, sad and never wanted to do anything but singing. He wrote songs, but they were dark. They got scared that the fame ruined the 18-year old, that he would be on drugs or alcohol. Or worse, commit suicide. Modest! Management not only ruined the green eyed boy, but also the friendship between the boys. They were still close, but it could never be as before. Louis was busy with his girlfriend, so were Liam and Zayn. Niall still had his food, but he gamed a lot. It was all he did, 24/7 he was staring at his television screen while he did the game as it supposed to be. He never wrote songs anymore, and however management did their best with girls cheering him up, it never worked. He missed Ireland more then anything.

Her story was more successful. Lily was a successful model, she had the body of a goddess, but still was unsecure about everything. She wasn?t so glad with the set-up with Harry Styles either, as he was a nice looking guy. But what if he was an asshole? What if he didn?t liked her?

Favorite of January.

Justin Biebah, he really do care about his fans. He's sweet and lovely and.. Oh come on, we can all agree this Canedian boy is just hot. :)

Soooo sorry!

I didn't posted for a while, and I didn't have the excuse to go to a beautiful place like Hind did. I was sooo busy as well. Trying to find a job and education here in Holland, it's really hard! I have a year off from everything to get rest in my head. NO, I'm not delusional or something. I'm not a psycho who kills persons either, haha. So as something to make good, I'll write a fanfic right here.

So basically it's about an One Direction member (I don't know about who yet) has to be in a relationships cause their management tell them to do. So he get into a ''relationship'' with the girl, which name is also undecided, and soon they become friends. As it is for boys and girls hard to be in a friendship without feelings, you can tell one of the two fall in love with each other. But then, the ''relationship'' must be over, because the deal was only a year to be with each other.

So is it a bit good? Just comment! :)

Sorry again! x


Hello GUYS!

I just wanted to tell you that this week i will finally get some rest and travel to the middle east!! I'll be away for 4 weeks! and i hink this is so chill, because i get finally realxing from all this school stuff. We had so much to do that i didn't have anytime for mye friends and family! So im so happy that Christmas is near and the holiday is here! Its sad that i wouldnt be in Norway in Christmas, andI do not have access to blog, so my Friend Anouchka will take it here <3.

All i wanted to say that i love you so much! and this blog is very new so more funny stoff will come, just follow us! Se you soon!

// xoxo

Favorite song;

For me at the moment is it Passenger - Let Her Go

What is yours? Comment below! x

Dagens Bilde! <3

Zayn Malik!

Zayn is my fav. person from 1D!

Do you have a fav. person you like to share with us? Comment below! x


GIVEAWAY competition!

Hello dolls!

I was thinking about a plan to make a contest of giveaway!! something like you guys mind like! But i am not sure what it will be about! so all i want that ifthere is something you would recommend, like products or other things!

Please comment down below! x

My fav. One Direction new songs!

Hey <3

I'll post some of my fav. 1D songs from their new album! Hope you enjoy it! x


November Favorites 2012!!!

Hey dolls!

Now the Novembermonths is over, and its first December today! Chrismas is here soon, and we all are excited for it. This video is November Favorites!

A heart touching love story that would make you cry.

Hello dolls! I do like this video so much because its so sad, and i really was thinking about to share with you guys too!

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